The Real Estate Recruiting System - We Do the Work. You Ge the Results

Our easy-to-use turnkey Real Estate Recruiting System is Guaranteed to help you...

• Automate your recruiting process   • Attract more new recruits   • Build a productive and profitable team


Direct Mail Marketing

Attract the agents you want and
set yourself apart as a leader in
your market with our customizable
direct mail newsletters.

The Real Estate Recruiting System Direct Mail Newsletter

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Email Marketing

Communicate quickly and easily
with your potential new recruits
using our e-Newsletter and
automated email campaigns.

The Real Estate Recruiting System Email Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Post great content on your blog,
Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, using
our social media marketing content.

The Real Estate Recruiting System Social Media Marketing

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Contact Management

Manage your contacts, marketing campaigns, activities and schedules
all in one simple-to-use system.

The Real Estate Recruiting System IXACT Recruiter™ CRM

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Which recruiting marketing strategy works best? Direct Mail, Email or Social Media? Click here to find out.