The Real Estate Recruiting System
The IXACT Recruiter™ real estate recruiting CRM.

The Real Estate Recruiting System includes a contact management and an email marketing platform all-in-one integrated system to assist with all your recruiting efforts.

IXACT Recruiter™ is a real estate specific recruiting CRM that makes it easy to stay in touch and build relationships with your prospects.

It includes all the features you’d expect in a leading real estate recruiting CRM, including:
  • Rich Contact Profiles
  • Detailed Contact History
  • A Robust Calendar and Task List
  • A Full Suite of Reports

IXACT Recruiter™ also includes a number of unique, easy-to-use features that will help you manage and grow your business in new and exciting ways.

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IXACT Recruiter™ Features:

Automated real estate recruiting marketing email campaigns.

Email Marketing

More and more sales professionals rely on email as their primary means of communication. With IXACT Recruiter™, you’ll reach your prospective recruits more often and more effectively with a range of simple-to-implement email marketing tools.

IXACT Recruiter™ includes a  ready-to-go e-Newsletter programall done for you  – that we send to your prospects each month.  Every issue contains high-interest articles that they’ll be eager to read.  You can easily customize the e-Newsletter with your own branding and personal messages.

Automated Email Campaigns

There are many professionally written automated email
that you can launch from IXACT Recruiter™ to target: new Millennial agents, seasoned agents, struggling agents and rookie agents. You simply select the campaign you want, along with the contacts you want to target, and then launch! It’s that easy.

Real estate recruiting email marketing powered by IXACT Recruiter™ CRM.
Real estate recruiting email campaign reporting powered by IXACT Recruiter™.

Detailed Email Campaign Reporting

Detailed campaign reporting means you’ll always know how well your email campaigns are working.  The e-Newsletter and mass email reporting component lets you see who opened your email, when they opened it, and what links they clicked to open.  This is timely information you can use to quickly zero in on hot prospects.


Business Directory

Build and manage your own Business Directory that can be
quickly accessed, so that you can provide recommendations
to agents responding to your marketing.

The Real Estate Recruiting System Business Directory.

Smartphone synchronization by IXACT Recruiter™.

Smartphone Synchronization

IXACT Recruiter™ syncs like a dream.  It automatically updates your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone device, as well as Microsoft Outlook, with the latest information in your contacts, calendar and tasks. You don’t need to plug anything in or turn anything on.  The sync happens automatically, so you always have the most current information at your fingertips – even when you’re on the road.

Automated Website Lead Capture

Add a customized “Contact Us” form to your website that automatically pulls new leads into your database and sends you an email alert every time.

Automated website lead capture powered by IXACT Recruiter™ CRM.

IXACT Recruiter™ CRM is 100% Apple compatible.

Apple Compatible

All the features in IXACT Recruiter™ are fully compatible with Apple products, and that holds true regardless of which browser you use, including Safari.

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