The Real Estate Recruiting System
Real estate broker recruiting email solutions.

Reach out to your prospective new recruits with our
real estate agent recruiting email marketing which features our monthly e-Newsletter and automated recruiting campaigns.

The recruiting email marketing platform gives you everything you need to:

  • Send out a personalized recruiting e-Newsletter each month.
  • Launch drip marketing campaigns to targeted prospects.
  • See statistical details on who is opening and reading your emails.
  • Stay top-of-mind consistently and easily.

And, the best part is…we do the work for you. Even the writing!

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Recruiting Email Marketing Features:

Real estate recruiting e-Newsletter that gets agents talking.

An e-Newsletter that Gets Agents Talking

Designed to set you apart as a broker and company of choice for agents today, The Real Estate Recruiting System includes a monthly e-Newsletter that features high-interest articles your prospective recruits will be eager to read. In fact, they’ll look forward to each and every issue and will share it with their colleagues. That’s the kind of buzz-worthy sharing that wins agents over.

  • Add your own custom-designed header, so that your
    e-Newsletter looks consistent with your website and other marketing materials.
  • Add your own personal message, or simply use the one we write for you.
  • Add your own custom signature.

Automated Email Recruiting Campaigns
that Get You Results

Do you want to get the attention of the top agents in your area? Reach potential new agents from other industries? Tap into the high-tech demographic of Millenials? Reach out to struggling agents eager for a change? Our strategically written, automated email campaigns will get the job done for you.

Use our automated email recruiting campaigns to target every type of prospect. Use each letter as is, or customize with your own
information and personality.

Automated email real estate recruiting campaigns that get you results.

Detailed real estate recruiting email marketing campaign reporting.

Detailed Email Marketing Campaign Reporting

Our detailed campaign reporting allows you to identify the contacts that are reading your emails and are becoming interested in you and your organization.

With each e-Newsletter and mass email you send, you will know who opened it, when they opened it, and what links they clicked to open.

This valuable information allows you to measure your engagement with your prospective recruits and shift gears when necessary to stay top of mind and capture the attention and interest of each individual.

Connect Fast with Your Database
Using Custom Mass Emails

Easily create your own custom, “mail merged” mass emails to send to prospective recruits. This is an ideal way to reach them with timely information.

Real estate recruiting email marketing solutions.


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